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CM Dictionary - House (Free)


※ CM Dictionary Series 1 - Animal ※※ Try download free: ※※ CM Dictionary Series 3 - City ※※ Try download free: ※※ CM Dictionary Series 4 - Plants OPEN ※※ Try download free: ※What kind of rooms do we have in our room? What is in my room?Learn about 190 words by playing games!♡Free English Picture Dictionary 2 - House♡
★ The free picture dictionary CandyMon characters. ★★ Try download advertisement free: ★★ Series 2! Meet 190 house words ★★ You can memorize the words by playing fun games. Let’s play 5 different games. ★★ The game contains fun games, songs, paintings and more to enjoy for kids. ★★ The games can be viewed in full size on a tablet. ★★ CM Dictionary Series 1 is animal! Series 2 is house OPEN ★★ What is the next CM Dictionary Series? Please look forward to it! ★
[Words]▶ What objects do we have in our bathroom? What about in our living room? ▶ The picture dictionary with high quality pictures : About 190 words are classified into categories: bathroom, bedroom, garage, livingroom, place, clothes▶ Supports 7 language translations: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish▶ Correct pronunciation by native speakers: Word sounds by male and female native speakers
[OX Game]▶ The answer is one of the two! Let’s get it right before time’s up.▶ Select O when the picture matches the sound. If not, select X.
[Matching Game]▶ Where are the correct pairs of the cards?▶ Remember their locations and find the right pairs.
[Memory Up Game]▶ What was the order of cards we just looked? I already forgot about it!▶ Let's remember the order of 8 cards.
[Dress Up Game]▶ A challenge to be the best dresser! I’m going to wear this today.▶ Let’s decorate the characters with colorful clothes, accessories and hair styles.
[Find Pictures Game]▶ Where are the objects in bedroom, kitchen and etc? ▶ Look at the words and find the correct objects.
[Song]▶ You can listen to friendly nursery rhyme songs.▶ Let’s sit in our warm house and sing along joyfully.: I'm a Little Teapot: Hot Cross Buns: The Muffin Man: Hickory Dickory Dock: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
[Painting]▶ Let’s imagine and draw animals on the white drawing paper.▶ Let’s color CandyMon.